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Title: The Study of Strength of Corrugated Metal Structures of Railroad Tracks
Other Titles: Дослідження міцності металевих гофрованих конструкцій залізничних колій
Исследование прочности гофрированных металлических конструкций железных дорог
Authors: Kovalchuk, Vitalii V.
Marcul, Ruslan V.
Bal, Olena M.
Milyanych, Andriy R.
Pentsak, Andrii Ya.
Parneta, Bohdan Z.
Gajda, A.
Keywords: residual deformations
plastic hinge
rolling stock of railways
compactness of soil backfill
залишкові деформації
пластичний шарнір
рухомий склад залізниць
щільність грунтової засипки
остаточные деформации
пластический шарнир
подвижной состав железных дорог
плотность грунтовой засыпки
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: НПП ЧП «Технологический Центр», Харків
Citation: The Study of Strength of Corrugated Metal Structures of Railroad Tracks / V. Kovalchuk, R. Markul, O. Bal, A. Мilyanych [and others] // Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. Series: Applied Mechanics. — 2017. — № 2/7 (86). — P. 18—25.
Abstract: EN: The analysis of the main defects of metal corrugated culverts of the railway, which arise as a result of operation, was conducted, and the problems of providing their durability and strength were highlighted. The problems of adaptation of foreign regulations for designing metal corrugated structures at Ukrainian railways and motor roads were analyzed, the results of experimental and theoretical calculations of bearing capacity of metal corrugated structures were presented. The MCS strength at boundary loading with the railway rolling stock was analyzed by the indicator of influence of corrugation (corrugation dimensions) and the characteristics of soils on their stressed-strained state. Calculation of equivalent forces was performed by the procedure of calculation of railway strength and stability using the finite-element method. The numerical calculation of the stressed-strained state of the MCS was obtained using the licensed software FEMAP with MSC NASTRAN. An analysis of multi-choice calculations of the strength of MCS, made of corrugated structure Multiplate MR150 with thickness of a corrugated sheet of 6 mm, with dimensions of corrugation waves of 150×50 mm, showed that its bearing capacity is provided at degrees of compaction of soil backfill from 0.9 to 1.0. Based on the obtained data, it was found that the direct cause of occurrence of residual deformation of metal corrugated pipe may be an increase in stresses in metal sheets of the pipe up to the values that exceed permissible stresses and as a result of local initiation of a plastic hinge. The condition of initiation of a plastic hinge, which takes place in the MCS arch, holds only if there is adverse simultaneous influence of two factors (causes): letting inequalities develop beyond permissible values without taking measures for its elimination and a decrease in the degree of compaction of backfill soil below 90 % (the second cause). In the absence of one of the causes, a plastic hinge might not emerge. In the joint effect of both causes, the first cause, the impact share of which is 42 %, prevails, whereas the share of the second cause is 22 %. The obtained results of the MCS bearing capacity are needed for optimal MCS designing, establishing causes of defect emergence, timely making relevant engineering decisions in order to increase the MCS bearing capacity and reasonable use of funds for the construction or reconstruction of existing transport facilities with the use of metal corrugated pipes. The results of the study may be used by engineers of Bridge testing stations of Ukrrailway and Ukravtodor and by designing organisations involved in designing metal corrugated structures of large diameters.
UK: Наведено основні дефекти металевих гофрованих водопропускних труб, які виникають внаслідок експлуатації, та висвітлено проблеми забезпечення їх довговічності та міцності. Проаналізовано проблеми адаптації закордонних нормативних документів щодо проектування металевих гофрованих конструкцій на залізничних та автомобільних дорогах України. Наведено результати експериментальних та теоретичних розрахунків несучої здатності металевих гофрованих конструкцій.
RU: Приведены основные дефекты металлических гофрированных водопропускных труб, возникающие вследствие эксплуатации, и освещены проблемы обеспечения их долговечности. Проанализированы проблемы адаптации иностранных нормативных документов по проектированию металлических гофрированных конструкций на железных и автомобильных дорогах Украины. Приведены результаты экспериментальных и теоретических расчетов несущей способности металлических гофрированных конструкций.
Description: R. Marcul: ORCID 0000-0002-7630-8963; A. Milyanych: ORCID 0000-0003-3583-792X
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