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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Determination of the Optimal Parameters of the Structure of Functional Gradient Materials using Mathematical Modelling ApproachesLyashenko, B. A.; Stotsko, Z. A.; Kuzin, Oleg A.; Kuzin, Mykola O.; Mikosianchyk, Oksana
2019Physico-Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Fe–Cu–Ni–Sn and Fe–Cu–Ni–Sn–VN Nanocomposites Obtained by Powder Metallurgy MethodsMechnik, V. A.; Bondarenko, N. A.; Kolodnitskyi, V. M.; Zakiev, V. I.; Zakiev, I. M.; Dub, S. N.; Storchak, M.; Kuzin, Nykolai O.
2019Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Train Velocity and Travel Direction on the Dynamic Behavior of Stiff Common CrossingsKovalchuk, Vitalii; Sysyn, Mykola; Gerber, Ulf; Nabochenko, Olga; Zarour, Jandab; Dehne, Stefan
2019Microcrack under Internal Pressure at Dislocation DefectStashchuk, Mykola; Hembara, Nataliya; Kovalchuk, Vitalii
2019Improving Contact Durability of Polycrystalline Systems by Controlling the Parameters of Large-Angle Grain BoundariesKopylov, Vyacheslav; Kuzin, Oleg A.; Kuzin, Niсkolay O.
2019Studying the Railroad Track Geometry Deterioration as a Result of an Uneven Subsidence of the Ballast LayerNabochenko, Olga; Sysyn, Mykola; Kovalchuk, Vitalii; Kovalchuk, Yuri; Pentsak, Andriy; Braichenko, S.
2019Stiffness and Strength of Structural Layers from Cohesionless MaterialGerber, Ulf; Sysyn, Mykola; Zarour, Jandab; Nabochenko, Olga
2019Multifractal Analysis of the Common Crossing Track-Side MeasurementsSysyn, Mykola; Izvolt, Libor; Nabochenko, Olga; Kovalchuk, Vitalii; Sestakova, Janka; Pentsak, Andriy
2019Experimental Study of Railway Trackred Pressure Distribution under Dynamic LoadingSysyn, Mykola; Kovalchuk, Vitalii; Nabochenko, Olga; Kovalchuk, Yuri; Voznyak, Oleg
2019Common Crossing Structural Health Analysis with Track-Side MonitoringSysyn, Mykola; Nabochenko, Olga; Kluge, Franziska; Kovalchuk, Vitalii; Pentsak, Andriy
2019Research of the Impact of Geometric Unevenness of the Railway Track on the Dynamic Parameters of the Railway Rolling Stock With Two-Stage Spring SuspensionKuzyshyn, Andrii Ya.; Kostritsa, Sergei A.; Ursulyak, Ludmila V.; Batig, Andriy V.; Sobolevska, Yuliia H.; Voznyak, Oleh M.
2019Modelling and Vehicle Based Measurements of Ballast Settlements Under the Common CrossingSysyn, Mykola P.; Gerbera, Ulf; Grue, Dimitri; Nabochenko, Olga S.; Kovalchuk, Vitalii V.
2019Evaluation of RailWay Ballast Layer Consolidation After Maintenance WorksSysyn, Mykola P.; Nabochenko, Olga S.; Kovalchuk, Vitalii V.; Gerbera, Ulf
2019Prediction of Rail Contact Fatigue on Crossings Using Image Processing and Machine Learning MethodsSysyn, Mykola P.; Gerber, Ulf; Nabochenko, Olga S.; Gruen, Dmitri; Kluge, Franziska
2019A Study of the Effects of Climatic Temperature Changes on the Corrugated Structure of a Culvert of a Transportation FacilityGera, Bogdan V.; Kovalchuk, Vitalii V.
2019Model for Building Traction Information of Suburban Rolling Stock on Hydrogen FuelFalendysh, Anatoly; Dzhus, Volodymyr S.; Kletska, Olha; Kosariev, Oleg; Dizo, Jan
2019Improving the Energy Efficiency of Operation of Elements of the Structures of the Rolling Stock by Means of Surface EngineeringKopylov, Vyacheslav; Kuzin, Oleg A.; Kuzin, Mykola O.
2019Comparison of Motor Coach Exhaust Emissions in Real Operating Conditions for Different Testing ProceduresGallas, Dawid; Merkisz, Jerzy; Andrzejewski, Maciej; Tomaszewski, Sylwin; Strzemkowski, Jan; Kinter, Stepan O.
2019Development of an Algorithm for Investigation of Technical State of Wagons’ Running Gears During Their DerailmentBatig, Andriy V.; Hrytsyshyn, Petro; Kuzyshyn, Andriy Ya.; Milyanych, Andriy R.; Voznyak, Oleh M.; Tereshchak, Yuriy V.
2019Determining the Causes of Rolling Stock Derailment From the Track Using Modern Research MethodsKuzyshyn, Andriiy Ya.; Batig, Andriy V.; Sobolevska, Julia H.; Kostritsa, Sergei A.; Ursulyak, Lyudmila V.; Dovhaniuk, Stepan S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 153