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Title: Descriptive Geometry for CAD Users: Ribs Construction
Other Titles: Нарисна геометрія для користувачів САПР: проектування ребер
Начертательная геометрия для пользователей САПР: проектирование ребер
Authors: Danilov, Evgeniy
Keywords: CAD
descriptive geometry
stiffening rib
нарисна геометрія
ребра жорсткості
начертательная геометрия
ребра жесткости
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Heldermann Verlag
Citation: Danilov, E. Descriptive Geometry for CAD Users: Ribs Construction / E. Danilov // Journal for Geometry and Graphics. – 2014. – Vol. 18. – Num. 1. – P. 115–124.
Abstract: EN: In 3D modeling CAD users often face problems that can be success-fully analyzed and solved only by the methods of Descriptive Geometry. One such problem is considered in this paper: the construction of structural elements of machine parts known as stiffening ribs. In addition, a possible geometry of ribs is analyzed and a review is performed of tools for its modeling available in up-to-date CAD packages. Some features are shown that are useful in representing parts with ribs in technical drawing manuals. An innovative approach is developed for educational purposes.
ISSN: 14338157
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