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Title: The Concept of "China" in the Ukrainian Linguistic Consciousness: Structural Organization and Peculiarities of Modern Comprehension
Authors: Hurko, Olena V.
Koroliova, Valeria V.
Koliieva, Iryna A.
Kuptsova, Tatiana A.
Keywords: artistic discourse
linguistic conceptualization
the Concept of “China”
Ukrainian consciousness
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: MAGNANIMITAS Assn. Czech Republic
Citation: Hurko Olena, Koroliova Valeria, Koliieva Iryna, Kuptsova Tetiana. The Concept of "China" in the Ukrainian Linguistic Consciousness: Structural Organization and Peculiarities of Modern Comprehension. Ad Alta: Journal of Interdisciplinary Research. 2021. Vol. 11, Iss. 1, Spec. iss. 17. P. 83–91.
Abstract: EN: consciousness by analyzing the language means of the actualisation of the concept, its lexical components and non-linguistic factors that affect its meaning. The article is based on combining general scientific methods and linguistic research methods, particularly the method of cognitive discursive analysis, the psycholinguistic method of associative experiment, and the method of conceptual analysis. For the representation of the research sampling, statistical techniques are also applied. The concept of “China” in Ukrainian people's linguistic consciousness has a high cultural status and significant information saturation. The concept of “China” is a territorial concept with a core word-toponym, which aims to comprehensively reflect the national interpretation of the research subject through appeals to the geographical, cultural, and historical realities of the country. The results of the analysis of the concept “China” in the Ukrainian language picture of the world must be useful for further study of actualization of this concept in the Ukrainian and English languages, for the research of the concept in other discourses. The material of the article can be employed at lectures on the course of cross-cultural communication and linguoculturology. The article describes the structural organization of the concept of “China”, represented by using informative, assessment, and associative componentsidents verified by the Ukrainian native speakers. The comprehensive revealing of the analyzed concept's content enables to determine the peculiarities of both the nationwide comprehension of China and those caused by the Ukrainian mentality.
Description: A. Koliieva: ORCID 0000-0002-4232-2994; T. Kuptsova: ORCID 0000-0002-0876-0384
ISSN: 1804-7890 (print)
2464-6733 (on-line)
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