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Title: Пространственно-временной континуум повести А. П. Чехова «Огни» (Статья первая)
Authors: Филат, Татьяна Витальевна
Keywords: space-time continuum
plot-conceptual unit of a work
temporal consciousness
retrospective character of narrative time
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: RS Global Sp. z OO, Варшава, Польша
Citation: Филат, Т. В. Пространственно-временной континуум повести А. П. Чехова «Огни» (Статья первая). Social and Economic Aspects of Education in Modern Society : Proceedings of the XIX International Scientific and Practical Conference, November 25, 2019, Warsaw, Poland. Warsaw, 2019. P. 50–55.
Abstract: EN: The first article, devoted to the analysis of the artistic originality of space and time in the «Lights», examines Chekhov’s concept of the main existential categories − time and space. The story reflects the process of chronotopization characteristic of Chekhov's prose, which is associated with the special semantic-structural role of space and time in creating the main ideological content of the work. A.P. Chekhov is the bearer of a new temporal consciousness in the literature of the late 19th century. The two-part structure of the narrative of «Lights» is a combination of heterogeneous spaces and different times. The integrity of the story is provided by the main personified narrator, quoting the «insert story» told by the engineer Ananiyev. «A Tale in a Story» allows you to combine fragments of different temporal modalities (past − present), where the reverse flow of time is also possible.
Description: Т. Филат: ORCID 0000-0002-9360-895X
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