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Title: Modelling the Risk Management of Financial Investments by the Fisher Criterion in Public Administration
Authors: Rodchenko, Larisa
Volkova, Oksana
Kopytko, Vasyl
Tsutskiridze, Maksym
Ageieva, Iryna
Nikoliuks, Olena
Keywords: risk
risk management
financial investments
Fisher criterion
public administration
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication, India
Citation: Modelling the Risk Management of Financial Investments by the Fisher Criterion in Public Administration / Rodchenko L., Volkova O., Kopytko V. [et al.] // International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering. – 2019. – Vol. 8, iss. 9. – P. 66–69. – DOI: 10.35940/ijitee.I7478.078919.
Abstract: EN: Abstract: Industry 4.0 will fundamentally change the way of life, work and attitude towards each other; the role of public administration is increasing many times. The government should develop measures for implementation in enterprises as the well-being of the nation as a whole depends on the success of business structures. The activity of an enterprise in a market economy is characterized by a system of risks and uncertainties that arise due to the inability to evaluate the prospects of a market situation through functional dependence. The solution of this problem is based on statistical, mathematical methods of analysis, the use of which is simplified with the widespread use of computer technology ARM systems, etc. Authors in the article describe Top 5 global risks in 2019, according to the World Economic Forum, consider the investment risks and propose to calculate the effectiveness of financial investments using Fisher's criterion.
Description: V. Kopytko: ORCID 0000-0003-2457-1505
Other Identifiers: DOI:10.35940/ijitee.I7478.078919
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