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Title: Using the Self-Braking Method when the Post-Overhaul Diagnostics of Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotives
Authors: Bodnar, Borys Ye.
Ochkasov, Oleksandr B.
Bobyr, Dmytro V.
Koreniuk, Roman O.
Bazaras, Ž.
Keywords: diesel locomotive
hydrodynamic power transmission
technical condition
mechanical losses
self-braking mode
run-down mode
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Kaunas University of Technology; Publishing House “Technologija“, Kaunas, Lithuania
Citation: Using the Self-Braking Method when the Post-Overhaul Diagnostics of Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotives / B. Bodnar, O. Ochkаsov, D. Bobyr, R. Korenyuk, Ž. Bazaras // Transport Means 2018 : Proc. of the 22nd Intern. Sci. Conf. (Oct. 03–05, 2018, Trakai, Lithuania) / Kaunas Univ. of Technology, Klaipėda Univ., JSC Lithuanian Railways (AB “Lietuvos Geležinkeliai”) [et al.]. – Kaunas, 2018. – Pt. II. – P. 914–919. A fragment of the text.
Abstract: EN: A large number of diesel-hydraulic locomotives are operated at industrial enterprises. Reliability of diesel locomotives in operation directly depends on the quality of the conducted acceptance testing of the hydro-transmission after repair. Test procedures presuppose running-in and testing the hydraulic transmission in all modes of its operation. Run-in time is established by normative and technical documentation. During the running-in, the technical condition of the hydraulic transmission is determined on the base of the control of input and output parameters (shafts speed, temperature and oil pressure). The authors propose to improve the running-in process by introduction of tools and techniques of technical diagnostics. With this aim features of post-overhaul diagnostics of diesel-hydraulic locomotive were analyzed. The article deals with the diagnostics the condition of the mechanical part of the hydraulic transmission UGP (UHT- unified hydraulic transmission) 750/120 after a major overhaul. Choosing the diagnostic parameters of the mechanical part of the hydraulic transmission was carried out. We proposed to use free path (self-braking) mode to determine the mechanical losses at bench tests. As the criteria, determining the technical state of the mechanical part of the diesel-hydraulic locomotive during the tests in the self-braking mode, the following values are proposed: run-down time of shafts; change in the braking torque and the power of mechanical losses depending on the angular velocity. Diagnostics of the hydraulic transmission according to the above criteria allows reducing the time of receive/running-in tests and significantly increasing the technical condition accuracy and characteristics of the technical condition.
Description: B. Bodnar: ORCID 0000-0002-3591-4772; O. Ochkasov: ORCID 0000-0002-7719-7214, D. Bobyr: ORCID 0000-0003-1441-3861
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