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Title: Improvement of Reliability of Converters of Renewable Energy Considering the Characteristics of Problem Areas
Authors: Nakashydze, Liliya V.
Nakashydze, Irina S.
Brynzin, Yevhen
Keywords: methodology
constructive interfaces
конструктивні інтерфейси
конструктивные интерфейсы
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: SHEE “Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture”, Dnipro; Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia
Citation: Nakashydze L. Improvement of reliability of converters of renewable energy considering the characteristics of problem areas: [preprint] / L. Nakashydze, I. Nakashydze, Ye.Brynzin // Sustainable Housing and Human Settlement : Monograph / [S. Nikolaienko, P. Kulikov, O. Pshinko, M. Savytskyi, A. Radkevych and others ; Under the General Ed. M. Savytskyi]. – Dnipro ; Bratislava, 2018. – Ch. 3. – P. 130–137.
Abstract: EN: The use of the proposed methodology allows consideration of the features of operation of certain problem areas of constructive interfaces, including those that are technologically equipped with the largest number of thermal conductive inclusions per unit area, i.e. to determine the worst heat-shielding characteristics by which heat losses of building premises should be determined.
Description: I. Nakashydze:; L. Nakashydze:
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