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Title: On the Problem of Dynamic Response of the Long Trains Including Joint Ones with the Liquid Cargo
Other Titles: К вопросу нагруженности длинносоставных в том числе соединенных наливных поездов
Authors: Ursuliak, Liudmyla V.
Romanyuk, Yanina N.
Keywords: longitudinal dynamic response
long joint trains
long joint trains
mathematical simulations
movable liquid
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Vilnius Gedeminas Technikal Universiti
Citation: Ursuljak, L. On theproblem of dynamic response of the long trains including joint ones with the liquid cargo : [препринт] / L. Ursuljak, Y. Romanjuk // Transbaltika. — May 5-6, 2011.
Abstract: EN: The results of long trains with liquid cargo dynamic response at braking obtained by the mathematical simulations are given in the article. Different approaches of the lead and helping locomotives control are considered for the various schemes of the train make-up. Numerical experiments were carried out for the various types of braking on the horizon-tal track segment and for different regimes of air diffusers work – middle or loaded. The initial motion speeds were equal to 20 and 80 km/h. For the higher speeds the braking distances were estimated. Recommendations on the longitu-dinal dynamic response reduction in the long trains with liquid cargo are given on the basis of the carried out numerical calculations.
Description: L. Ursuliak: ORCID 0000-0001-5957-6926
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