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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Accurate Calculations of Dynamic First Hyperpolarizability: Construction of Physically Justified Slater-Type Basis SetsRossikhin, V.; Voronkov, Eugene O.; Okovytyy, Sergiy I.; Sergeieva, T.; Kapusta, K.; Leszczynski, Jerzy; Voronkov, Yevgeniy O.
2010Accurate Calculations of Second-Order Electric and Magnetic Properties: Two Ways of Physically Justified Modifications of Basis SetsBolshakov, V.; Rossikhin, V. V.; Voronkov, Eugene O.; Voronkov, Yevgeniy O.; Okovytyy, Sergiy I.; Leszczynski, Jerzy
2021Adsorption of Co, Ni, Cu, Zn Metal Ions on Fullerene C60 and on Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes C48 as a Driven Force of Composite Coatings’ ElectrodepositionTytarenko, Valentina V.; Shtapenko, Eduard Ph.; Voronkov, Eugene O.; Vangara, Aruna; Zabludovsky, Vladimir A.; Kolodziejczyk, Wojciech; Kapusta, Karina; Okovytyy, Sergiy I.
2012Novel Physically Adapted STO##-3G Basis Sets. Efficiency for Prediction of Second-Order Electric and Magnetic Properties of Aromatic HydrocarbonsVoronkov, Eugene O.; Voronkov, Yevgeniy O.; Rossikhin, V. V.; Okovytyy, Sergiy I.; Shatckih, A.; Bolshakov, V.; Leszczynski, Jerzy
2020Quantum Mechanical Approach for Determining the Activation Energy of Surface DiffusionShtapenko, Eduard P.; Tytarenko, Valentyna V.; Zabludovsky, Volodymyr O.; Voronkov, Eugene O.
2021Quantum-Mechanical Modeling of the Interaction between Carbon Nanostructures and Metal IonsTytarenko, Valentyna V.; Shtapenko, Eduard P.; Voronkov, Eugene O.; Zabludovsky, Volodymyr O.; Kolodziejczyk, Wojciech; Kapusta, Karina; Kuznetsov, Vitaliy N.