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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Fractographic Analysis of the Destroyed Side Frame of the Truck of a Wreight WagonVakulenko, Ihor O.; Kuzin, Nickolai O.; Vakulenko, Leonid I.
2019Improving the Performance Parameters of Railway Wheels with the Help of Optimal Design Technologies of their Electric Pulse ProcessingVakulenko, Igor A.; Kuzin, Nickolai O.; Vakulenko, Leonid I.; Raksha, Sergey V.; Proidak, Svetlana V.
2019The Influence of Nonmetallic Inclusion on Strain Hardening Carbon SteelVakulenko, Igor O.; Vakulenko, Leonid I.; Proydak, Svetlana V.
2018Influence of Perlite Dispersion of Carbon Steel on the Fatugue ProcessesVakulenko, Ihor O.; Kawalek, Anna; Vakulenko, Leonid I.; Proidak, Svitlana V.
2016Influence of Self-Tempering Temperature on Strength of Railway Wheel Disk after Accelerated CoolingVakulenko, Leonid I.; Bolotova, Daria M.; Proidak, Svitlana V.; Gryshchenko, Mykola A.; Vakulenko, Ihor O.
2019Reason of Destruction Side Frame of the TrolleyVakulenko, Igor A.; Vakulenko, Leonid I.; Proidak, Svetlana V.
2019Softening of Hardened Medium-Carbon Steel During HeatingVakulenko, Ihor O.; Proidak, Svitlana V.; Vakulenko, Leonid I.; Grischenko, Nikolaj A.
2018Structure and Properties of the Steel Railway Wheel Disc After Forced CoolingVakulenko, Igor A.; Grischenko, Nikolaji; Vakulenko, Leonid I.; Efremenko, Vasily G.; Proiydak, Svetlana V.; Perkov, Oleg N.
2012Повреждаемость при эксплуатации катаных железнодорожных колес повышенной прочностиВакуленко, Леонид Игоревич; Анофриев, Василий Григорьевич; Анофриев, Василь Григорович; Anofriev, Vasiliy G.; Anofryev, Vasyl H.; Вакуленко, Леонід Ігорович; Vakulenko, Leonid I.