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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The Calculation of Stress Intensity Factor Steel of Railway WheelsVakulenko, Ihor O.; Proydak, Svetlana V.; Askerov, Hangardas
2018Concept of Determining the Friction Stir Welding ModeVakulenko, Ihor O.; Plitchenko, Serhiy; Murashova, Nataliia H.; Bohomaz, Volodymyr M.
2017Determination Activation Energy of Friction Stir WeldingVakulenko, Ihor O.; Plitchenko, Serhiy
2013Electric Pulse Treatment of Welded Joint of Aluminum AlloyVakulenko, Ihor O.; Nadezhdin, Yurii L.; Sokirko, V. A.; Volchok, I. P.; Mitiaev A. A.
2020Evaluation of the Influence of Dispersion of Pearlite on the Fatigue of Carbon SteelAskerov, Khangardas; Vakulenko, Ihor O.
2020Formation of Carbon Steel Structure During Hot Plastic DeformationVakulenko, Ihor O.; Bolotova, Daria M.; Proidak, Svitlana V.; Askerov, Hangardas; Cug, H.; Tchaikovska, H. O.
2020Fractographic Analysis of the Destroyed Side Frame of the Truck of a Wreight WagonVakulenko, Ihor O.; Kuzin, Nickolai O.; Vakulenko, Leonid I.
2014The Influence Mechanism of Ferrite Grain Size on Strength Stress at the Fatigue of Low-Carbon SteelVakulenko, Ihor O.; Proidak, Svitlana V.
2014Influence of Chemical Compounds on the Forming of Welding ARCVakulenko, Ihor O.; Plitchenko, Serhiy; Makarevich, D. M.
2016Influence of Cooling Rate on the Strength of the Rims of Railway WheelVakulenko, Ihor O.
2016Influence of Grain Size Ferrite on Speed of Distribution Sonic Vibrations in Alloy SteelVakulenko, Ihor O.; Nadezhdin, Yurii L.; Sokyrko, V. A.; Yaremchuk, A.
2016Influence of Hot-Reduction Parameters on the Steel Austenite Structure of a Railway WheelVakulenko, Ihor O.; Bolotova, Daria M.; Perkov, Oleg N.; Lisnyak, Alex G.
2018Influence of Perlite Dispersion of Carbon Steel on the Fatugue ProcessesVakulenko, Ihor O.; Kawalek, Anna; Vakulenko, Leonid I.; Proidak, Svitlana V.
2016Influence of Self-Tempering Temperature on Strength of Railway Wheel Disk after Accelerated CoolingVakulenko, Leonid I.; Bolotova, Daria M.; Proidak, Svitlana V.; Gryshchenko, Mykola A.; Vakulenko, Ihor O.
2015Influence of Shock Voltage from the Electric Discharge on the Fatigue Endurance of Carbon Steel in WaterVakulenko, Ihor O.; Lisnyak, Alex G.; Perkov, Oleg N.; Hai, Xu Xiao
2017Influence of Structural Parameters of Low-Carbon Steel on Electric Arc BurningVakulenko, Ihor O.; Plitchenko, Serhiy; Murashova, Nataliia G.
2018Influence of the Shock Wave of Electric Discharge on the Fatigue Characteristics of Thermally Hardened SteelVakulenko, Ihor O.; Bolotova, Daria M.; Hryshchenko, Mykola A.
2016Influence Voltage Pulse Electrical Discharge in the Water at the Endurance Fatigue of Carbon SteelVakulenko, Ihor O.; Lisnyak, Alex G.
2016Investigation of Slide Mechanism of Tread During Operation of Railway WheelVakulenko, Ihor O.; Proidak, Svitlana V.; Perkov, Oleg N.
2020The Morphology Analysis of the Structure Aluminum Alloy at Friction Stir WeldingPlitchenko, Serhiy; Vakulenko, Ihor O.