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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Dependence of Air Spring Parameters on Throttle ResistanceReidemeister, Alexey G.; Kivisheva, A. V.
2015Determination of Stopping Distance of Unpowered Rolling Stock by Method of Sequential BrakingReidemeister, Alexey G.; Shaposhnyk, Vladyslav Yu.
2021Determining the Possibility of Using Removable Equipment for Transporting 20- and 40-Feet-Long Containers on an Universal Platform WagonShaposhnyk, Vladyslav Yu.; Shykunov, Oleksandr A.; Reidemeister, Alexey G.; Muradian, Leontii A.; Potapenko, O.
2015Development of Recommendations for Extending the Useful life of Passenger CarsMyamlin, Serhiy V.; Reidemeister, Alexey G.; Pulariia, Andriy L.; Kalashnyk, Volodymyr O.
2020Improvement of the Open Wagon for Cargoes which Imply Loading with a "Hat"Reidemeister, Alexey G.; Muradian, Leontii A.; Shaposhnyk, Vladyslav Yu.; Shykunov, Oleksandr A.; Kyryl'chuk, Oleg A.; Kalashnyk, Volodymyr O.
2019Investigation of Possibility of Hopper Cars Unloading on the Car Dumper VRS–134MDovhaniuk, Stepan S.; Kalashnyk, Volodymyr O.; Reidemeister, Alexey G.; Shykunov, Oleksandr A.
2016Modernization as a Way to Improve the Use of Universal CarsReidemeister, Alexey G.; Kalashnyk, Volodymyr O.; Shykunov, Oleksandr A.
2018Sensitivity of Stresses to the Forces Acting on the Cast Parts of Freight-Car BogieReidemeister, Alexey G.; Shykunov, Oleksandr A.
2018Stability of Motion of Railway Vehicles Described with Lagrange Equations of the First KindReidemeister, Alexey G.; Levytska, Svitlana І.