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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Application Prospects of Threaded Joint of ArmatureRadkevych, Anatolii V.; Netesa, Andrii M.
2015Aspects Definition of Reliability Evaluation Facade Systems From the View Point of EurocodeRadkevych, Anatolii V.; Netesa, Kostiantyn M.
2019Comparative Analysis of the Parameters of the Strength of the Subgrade at the Transition to the Higher Axial Loading up to 25 tRadkevych, Anatolii V.; Petrenko, Volodymyr D.; Tiutkin, Oleksii L.; Andrieiev, Volodymyr S.; Mukhina, Nataliya
2017Determination and Ranging of Organizational and Technological Factors that Define the Rational Decisions of Re-Bars ConnectionRadkevych, Anatolii V.; Netesa, Andrii M.
2019Efficiency Estimation of the Shaped Hot Rolled Steel Product Mix of India and UkraineGaidaichuk, Victor V; Bannikov, Dmytro O.; Radkevych, Anatolii V.; Muntian, Antonina O.
2019Nonuniform Stress State of a Hoisting Shaft Lining as a Result of Disturbance of the Ground Freezing TechnologyTiutkin, Oleksii L.; Miroshnyk, Vitalii; Radkevych, Anatolii V.; Alkhdour, Ahmad M.
2019Overview of Technologies For Constructing the Facilities at the Dnister Pumped Storage Power StationRadkevych, Anatolii V.; Petrenko, Vladimir D.; Tiutkin, Oleksii L.; Horbatiuk, Yu.; Parinov, V.
2020Prediction of the Stress-Strain State of Circular Workings in a Layered Massif by ScalingAlkhdour, Ahmad; Radkevych, Anatolii V.; Tiutkin, Oleksii L.; Bondarenko, Nataliia
2020Problems of Development of an Underground Transport Infrastructure of CitiesPshynko, Oleksandr M.; Radkevych, Anatolii V.; Netesa, Nikolay I.; Netesa, Andrii M.
2019Rational Compounds of Low-Strength Concrete with Improved Coefficient of Efficiency of Cement UseNetesa, Andrii M.; Netesa, Nikolay I.; Radkevych, Anatolii V.; Yakovliеv, Serhii O.
2019Regularities of Stress State of Unsupported Working Occurring in a Layered MassifTiutkin, Oleksii L.; Petrosian, Nataliia K.; Radkevych, Anatolii V.; Alkhdour, Ahmad M.
2019The Revised Method for Calculating of the Optimal Train Control ModeZhelieznov, Konstantyn I.; Akulov, Artem S.; Zabolotniy, Oleksandr M.; Ursulyak, Lyudmila V.; Chabanuk, Evgenij V.; Shvets, Angela O.; Kuznetsov, Valeriy; Radkevych, Anatolii V.
2018Simple Methods of Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Windows in the Reconstruction of Old BuildingsNikiforova, Tetiana; Sopilniak, Artem; Radkevych, Anatolii V.; Shevchenko, Tetiana
2018Sustainable Housing and Human SettlementNikolaienko, Stanislav; Kulikov, Petro; Pshinko, Oleksandr M.; Savytskyi, Mykola; Radkevych, Anatolii V.
2008Організаційно-технологічні рішення улаштування буронабивних паль у водонасичених ґрунтахРадкевич, Анатолій Валентинович; Радкевич, Анатолий Валентинович; Radkevich, Anatoliy V.; Radkevych, Anatolii V.