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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Chaos in Essentially Singular 3D Dynamical Systems with Two Quadratic NonlinearitiesBelozyorov, Vasiliy Ye.
2018Development of an Approach to Ensure Stability of the Traction Direct Current SystemSychenko, Viktor G.; Kuznetsov, Valeriy; Kosariev, Yevhen M.; Hubskyi, Petro V.; Belozyorov, Vasiliy Ye.; Zaytsev, Vadym G.; Pulin, Mykola M.
2014General Method of Construction of Implicit Discrete Maps Generating Chaos in 3D Quadratic Systems of Differential EquationsBelozyorov, Vasiliy Ye.
2013Generating Chaos in 3D Systems Of Quadratic Differential Equations With 1D Exponential MapsBelozyorov, Vasiliy Ye.; Chernyshenko, Sergey V.
2012Implicit One-Dimensional Discrete Maps and Their Connection with Existence Problem of Chaotic Dynamics in 3-D Systems of Differential EquationsBelozyorov, Vasiliy Ye.
2017A New Approach to the Problem of Diagnostics of Cerebral Cortex Diseases Using Chaotic Dynamics MethodsBelozyorov, Vasiliy Ye.; Pohorielov, Oleksii V.; Serdiuk, Valerii N.; Zaytsev, Vadym G.
2019A New Mathematical Model of Dynamic Processes in Direct Current Traction Power Supply SystemBelozyorov, Vasiliy Ye.; Kosariev, Yevhen M.; Pulin, Mykola M.; Sychenko, Viktor G.; Zaytsev, Vadym G.
2016A Novel Search Method of Chaotic Autonomous Quadratic Dynamical Systems without Equilibrium PointsBelozyorov, Vasiliy Ye.
2013Quadratic Model of Inter-Population Interaction: Investigation of Stability AreasBelozyorov, Vasiliy Ye.; Chernyshenko, Sergey V.
2016Recurrence Analysis of Time Series Generated by 3D Autonomous Quadratic Dynamical System Depending on ParametersBelozyorov, Vasiliy Ye.; Zaytsev, V. G.
2016Role of Logistic and Ricker’s Maps in Appearance of Chaos in Autonomous Quadratic Dynamical SystemsBelozyorov, Vasiliy Ye.; Volkova, Svetlana A.