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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Determining the Causes of Rolling Stock Derailment From the Track Using Modern Research MethodsKuzyshyn, Andriy; Batig, Andriy V.; Sobolevska, Julia H.; Kostritsa, Sergei A.; Ursulyak, Lyudmila V.; Dovhaniuk, Stepan S.
2019Development of an Algorithm for Investigation of Technical State of Wagons’ Running Gears During Their DerailmentBatig, Andriy V.; Hrytsyshyn, Petro; Kuzyshyn, Andriy; Milyanych, Andriy R.; Voznyak, Oleh M.; Tereshchak, Yuriy V.
2018Improving a Methodology of Theoretical Determination of the Frame and Directing Forсes in Modern Diesel TrainsKovalchuk, Vitalii V.; Kuzyshyn, Andrii Ya.; Kostritsa, Sergey A.; Sobolevska, Yuliia H.; Batig, Andriy V.; Dovhanyuk, Stepan S.
2019Preservation of Macro Fractographic Signs of the Plane of Fracture of the Details for Expert Engineering ResearchBatig, Andriy V.; Hrytsyshyn, Petro; Kovalchuk, O.; Kuzyshyn, Andrii Ya.; Dovhanyuk, Stepan S.; Sobolevska, Yuliia H.
2018Research of Safety Indicators of Diesel Train Movement with Two-Stage Spring SuspensionKuzyshyn, Andrii Ya.; Batig, Andriy V.; Kostritsa, Sergey A.; Sobolevska, Yuliia H.; Kovalchuk, Vitalii V.; Dovhanyuk, Stepan S.; Voznyak, Oleg M.
2019Research of the Impact of Geometric Unevenness of the Railway Track on the Dynamic Parameters of the Railway Rolling Stock With Two-Stage Spring SuspensionKuzyshyn, Andrii Ya.; Kostritsa, Sergei A.; Ursulyak, Ludmila V.; Batig, Andriy V.; Sobolevska, Yuliia H.; Voznyak, Oleh M.
2020Study of the Dynamic Behavior of Rolling Stock using a Computer ExperimentKuzyshyn, Andrii Ya.; Batig, Andriy V.; Kostritsa, Sergei A.; Sobolevska, Yuliia H.; Dovhaniuk, Stepan S.; Dzhus, Volodymyr S.
2020Ways to Improve the Mathematical Model of a Freight Car for the Execution of Forensic Railway-Transport ExpertisesBatig, Andriy V.; Kuzyshyn, Andriy; Sobolevska, Julia H.; Milyanych, Andriy R.; Hrytsyshyn, Petro