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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Comparison of Tourist Traffic by Railway and Automobile Transport and Methodical Approach to Determining the Costs of Such TransportationsBarash, Yuriy S.; Hnennyi, Oleh M.; Martseniuk, Larysa V.; Charkina, Tetiana Yu.
2014Economic Efficiency of The High-Speed Trains Running in UkraineBarash, Yuriy S.; Polishko, Tatiana V.; Momot, Alla V.
2015Methodical Approach to Defining Infrastructure Component of the Costs for the Particular Passenger Train TrafficBarash, Yuriy S.; Kravchenko, Khrystyna V.; Zianchuk, М. F.
2014Methodological Approach to Determination of Certain Suburban Passenger Train EffectivenessBarash, Yuriy S.; Snachov, Mykola P.; Matusevych, Oleksii O.; Matusevich, Aleksey A.; Kravchenko, Khrystyna V.
2020The Origin of the Crimean Karaims and Transformations of Karaism in the Hermeneutic Eircle of History NterpretationBarash, Yuriy S.; Vlasova, Tetiana I.; Martseniuk, Larysa V.; Charkina, Tetiana Yu.
2018Principles of DEtermining the Basic Functions of Railway HubsBarash, Yuriy S.; Bobyl, Vladimir V.; Charkina, Tetiana Yu.; Bozhok, Nataliia O.; Chornovil, Olena V.
2019Specific Character of the Crimean Karaims’ Origin and their Faith Transformation in the Hermeneutic Circle of History InterpretationsBarash, Yuriy S.; Vlasova, Tetiana I.; Martseniuk, Larysa V.; Charkina, Tetiana Yu.
2014Ways to Overcome The Problems of Intangible Assets Accounting of The Ukrainian EnterprisesBarash, Yuriy S.; Bulhakova, Yuliya V.; Bozhok, Nataliia O.; Holovko, A. P.