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dc.contributor.authorVakulenko, Ihor O.en
dc.contributor.authorВакуленко, Игорь Алексеевичru_RU
dc.contributor.authorВакуленко, Ігор Олексійовичuk_UA
dc.contributor.authorProidak, Svitlana V.en
dc.contributor.authorПройдак, Светлана Викторовнаru_RU
dc.contributor.authorПройдак, Світлана Вікторівнаuk_UA
dc.contributor.authorPerkov, Oleg N.en
dc.contributor.authorПерков, Олег Н.ru_RU
dc.contributor.authorПерков, Олег М.uk_UA
dc.descriptionVakulenko, I. Investigation of slide mechanism of tread during operation of railway wheel / I. Vakulenko, S. Proidak, O. Perkov // Scientific journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport. — 2016. — V. 90. — Р. 185—193.en
dc.description.abstractEN: Causes of reasons and explanation of mechanism forming damages of railway wheels tread were investigated. At slipping on contact surfaces wheel-rail a between by simultaneous development of processes of work-hardening and softening metal determines the terms of origin damages of railway wheels tread were fixed.en
dc.description.sponsorshipSteel Institute after Academican Z. Necrasov, Dnipropetrovsken
dc.publisherSilesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Silesia, Polanden
dc.subjectrailway wheel treaden
dc.subjectenergy of activationen
dc.titleInvestigation of Slide Mechanism of Tread During Operation of Railway Wheelen
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