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Title: Problems of Interaction of Contact wire and Current Collectors of Electric Transport with Different Contact Materials
Authors: Babyak, Mykola O.
Keywords: contact wire
electric transport
different contact materials
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria
Citation: Babyak, M. Problems of Interaction of Contact wire and Current Collectors of Electric Transport with Different Contact Materials. BulTrans-2019 : Conference Proceedings, Sozopol, 10–12 September 2019. Sozopol, 2019. С. 97–105.
Abstract: EN: The reliability of the current transfer process depends on the reliable sliding contact between the current collector and the contact wire; the value of the resistance of the contact element of the current collector; the value of the contact wire’s contact and the contact element. Graphite inserts for operation on electric transport of railways of alternating current operate at low values of current, on electric trains of a direct and an alternating current at high speeds, and on electric locomotives of a direct current at large values of a current. They are good lubricate the contact wire, but have a high resistivity and are rapidly mechanically erased. Copper and metal-ceramic lining have relatively less resistance, but due to the high hardness of the material, they quickly wipe off themselves and the contact wire. When using all materials in open and closed mines, dust and dirt on contact plates, high temperature and the presence of gas, which is dangerous when the spark is in contact, must be considered additionally. It is proposed to use the new contact material of BRZG from bronze, graphite and iron. The effectiveness of this material is confirmed by the operation of electric locomotives and electric trains of direct and alternating current on railways and trolleybuses.
Description: M. Babyak: ORCID 0000-0001-5125-9133
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