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dc.contributor.authorShapoval, Volodymyren
dc.contributor.authorShashenko, Oleksandren
dc.contributor.authorHapieiev, Serhiien
dc.contributor.authorKhalymendyk, Oleksiien
dc.contributor.authorAndrieiev, Volodymyren
dc.identifierDOI: 10.33271/mining14.01.091-
dc.identifier.citationShapoval V., Shashenko O., Hapieiev S., Khalymendyk O., Andrieiev V. Stability Assessment of the Slopes and Side-Hills with Account of the Excess Pressure in the Pore Liquid. Mining of Mineral Deposits. 2020. № 14 (1). P. 91–99. DOI: 10.33271/mining14.01.091.en
dc.identifier.issn2415-3443 (online)-
dc.identifier.issn2415-3435 (print)-
dc.descriptionV. Andrieiev: ORCID 0000-0002-0862-2790en
dc.description.abstractEN: Purpose. The strength criteria substantiation of water-saturated soils and mine rocks, which make it possible to obtain the analytical solutions necessary for determining the stability of water-flooded soil slopes and side-hills. Methods. The methods are applied of analysis and generalization of the theoretical and numerical experimental studies results. The rocks and soils characteristics are taken into account: specific cohesion c, internal friction angle φ, compressive strength Rc and tensile strength Rp of the rock, as well as the bulk density. The load q was imposed to the water-saturated seam roof from the overlying mine rock or soil seams, the weight of equipment or structures located on the surface. It was accepted that the seam is saturated with water (gas) with the excess pressure Р. A point on the mine working surface (or vertical slope surface), located at a depth z is considered. It is determined at which ratio of q, P and z parameters the soil or rock seam will be destroyed. The problem solution is based on the Mohr-Coulomb strength criterion. Findings. The strengths of water-saturated rock and water-free rock are compared. The ratios have been obtained that make possible to determine the critical load on the daylight surface of water-saturated and water-free vertical slopes, side-hills, trenches and foundation pits, as well as various mine workings in soil bases and mine rocks. The analytical solution has been obtained, which makes it possible to determine a value of the critical pressure on the water-flooded vertical surfaces and soil slopes. The generalization has been made of a certain one-dimensional Mohr-Coulomb strength condition for a water-saturated base characterized by the strength characteristics с and φ for the dimensional case. Originality. It has been theoretically proved that for any pore pressure value in the water-saturated mine rock (or soil) their strength will be less than in their water-free state. New solutions have been formulated for determining the critical height of a water-saturated vertical soil slope or the wall in the vertical mine working. Practical implications. The obtained results make it possible to solve the practical engineering problems on determining the stability of water-saturated slopes and side-hills with a load-free daylight surface, therewith, taking into account the weight of the equipment, stored material and the stability of vertical walls of water-saturated seams of open-cut mine workings.en
dc.description.sponsorshipDnipro University of Technology, Dniproen
dc.publisherНаціональний технічний університет «Дніпровська політехніка», Дніпроuk_UA
dc.subjectstrength criterionen
dc.subjectpore liquiden
dc.subjectpore gasen
dc.subjectslope stabilityen
dc.subjectwater-saturated soilen
dc.subjectfriction angleen
dc.titleStability Assessment of the Slopes and Side-Hills with Account of the Excess Pressure in the Pore Liquiden
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