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Title: Teaching General Professional Foreign Language Vocabulary Students Based on Integrated Modular Course
Authors: Sharhun, Tetiana
Tsaryk, Olga
Kuzmenko, Nadiia
Yanovets, Anzhelika
Movchan, Valentyna
Dovbenko, Tetyana
Keywords: integrated modular course
lexical unit
professional foreign language
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: IAEME Publication
Citation: Sharhun T., Tsaryk O., Kuzmenko N., Yanovets A., Movchan V., Dovbenko T. Teaching General Professional Foreign Language Vocabulary Students Based on Integrated Modular Course. International Journal of Management. Vol. 11, iss. 5. P. 568–578. DOI: 10.34218/IJM.11.5.2020.051.
Abstract: EN: In this study, an attempt is made to solve the problem of better language training of students at the general professional stage of higher education. Having studied the basic methodological principles of teaching the lexical side of the language, we concluded that the learning process should be organized based on an integrated modular course that teaches English and the subject side of the future field of activity. A set of exercises based on the materials of authentic popular science texts and videos has been developed for the effective formation of lexical skills and abilities. Working with videos is an integral part of the complex and plays a potent activator of the learning process. In the process of learning stimulates the educational and cognitive activity of students, the ability to work independently on educational projects is formed; provides humanitarian and social development of the individual, which, in turn, leads to the development of professional, communicative competence. Experimental training confirmed the effectiveness of the developed method of teaching professionally-oriented vocabulary based on an integrated modular course.
Description: T. Sharhun: ORCID 0000-0002-6014-4941
ISSN: 0976-6502 (print)
0976-6510 (online)
Other Identifiers: DOI: 10.34218/IJM.11.5.2020.051
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