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Title: Вплив розвитку інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій на гуманітарну освіту
Other Titles: Influence of Information-Communication Technologies Development on Humanitarian Education
Authors: Шаргун, Тетяна Олексіївна
Поцелуйко, Андрій Богданович
Мунтян, Антоніна Олександрівна
Keywords: інформаційно-комунікаційні технології
гуманітарна освіта
information-communication technologies
humanitarian education
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Publishing House of Katowice School of Technology, Poland
Citation: Шаргун Т. О., Поцелуйко А. Б., Мунтян А. О. Вплив розвитку інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій на гуманітарну освіту = Influence of Information-Communication Technologies Development on Humanitarian Education. Contemporary Issues of Digital Economy and Society : monograph 36 / ed. by T. Nestorenko, P. Mikos. Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Applied Arts, Katowice School of Technology. Katowice, 2020. § 11.4. P. 117–125.
Abstract: EN: In the article the main tendencies of information-communication technologies influence on humanitarian education on the basis of scientific sources analysis are investigated. It is found out that informatization is a link between humanitarian and natural science disciplines. It is shown that the new information environment conforms to the urgent needs of humanitarian education and may be used in the educational process. The important influence of information technologies on the development of individual and distance education and self-education in particular, and through them on the activization of a personal oriented approach introduction is marked. It is indicated that the basic principles of personal oriented studying are its individualization and differentiation. It is established that computer competence is one of the information culture components of the educational process participants.
Description: T. Sharhun: ORCID 0000-0002-6014-4941; A. Potseluiko: ORCID 0000-0002-1078-7615; A. Muntian: ORCID 0000-0001-8375-4067
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