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Title: Special Aspects of the Influence of Macroeconomic Indicators on Formation of the Budgetary Policy of Ukraine
Authors: Chimshit, Sergey
Golovkova, Liudmila
Yakymova, Alla
Dobryk, Liliia
Keywords: Budgetary policy
economic policy of the state
national economy
inclusive development index
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Ternopil National Economic University
Citation: S. Chimshit, L. Golovkova, A. Yakymova, L. Dobry. Special Aspects of the Influence of Macroeconomic Indicators on Formation of the Budgetary Policy of Ukraine. Journal of European Economy. July–September 2019. Vol. 18, No. 3.(70). P. 303–320. DOI:
Abstract: EN: None of the states can fulfill its functions without the relevant and adequate financing which should complete the main task of the state – improvement of well-being of citizens and fficiency of the national economy. During the crisis, structural and deep economic problems emerge, on which system decisions (instead of reactive and declaratory decisions) should be taken. The paper deals with the influence of the economic policy of the state on its budgetary policy; analyzes the key macroeconomic problems of the national economy and defines the consequences; outlines strategic directions for the formation of the efficient budgetary policy of Ukraine. It is established that the only way to overcome the crisis situation in Ukraine is the growth of GDP through the structural reforming of the economy and implementation of coordinated budgetary and monetary policy, shifting the focus from the fiscal orientation towards motivating one. The ultimate question lies in the growth of inclusive development index which would increase the level of competitiveness of the national economy and the standards of living in the globalization space.
Description: S. Chimshit;; L. Golovkova:; A. Yakymova:; L. Dobryk:
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