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Title: Rational Compounds of Low-Strength Concrete with Improved Coefficient of Efficiency of Cement Use
Authors: Netesa, Andrii M.
Netesa, Nikolay I.
Radkevych, Anatolii V.
Yakovliеv, Serhii O.
Keywords: concrete
grain composition of aggregates
tails of processed ores
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications LTD, Switzerland
Citation: Rational Compounds of Low-Strength Concrete with Improved Coefficient of Efficiency of Cement Use / Netesa A. M. at al. Intern. Conf. on Actual Problems of Engineering Mechanics : Material Science Forum. (20–24 May 2019). Odessa, 2019. Vol. 968. P. 26–34. DOI:
Abstract: EN: Abstract. The purpose of the research findings, given in article, is aimed to determine the rational compounds of concrete with an average cubic compressive strength less than 20 MPa with minimum required expenditures of cement. To reach the goal, mathematical planning of the experiment was used with variability of cement consumption from 90 to 190 kg / m3 in the compositions of the concrete mixture, and for the fine-grained filler from tails of processed ores, the consumption was like at 100 to 400 kg / m3. The result of processing experiments has shown us the dependences of the change in strength and coefficient of efficiency of the use of cement of the factors involved. Optimized values increase most intensively with minimum cement consumption and a change in the consumption of fine filler within the limits of the study. The highest coefficient of efficiency of use of cement is expressed by the ratio of the achieved strength per unit mass of used cement in the concrete mix and it was obtained at a cement consumption of 90 kg / m3 and a filler of 400 kg / m3. Using the obtained dependences of optimized values on the factors under study, the composition of concrete may be predicted with a strength up to 20 MPa with the required amount of filler.
Description: A. Netesa: ORCID 0000-0002-3364-3446, N. Netesa: ORCID 0000-0001-9434-1532, A. Radkevych: ORCID 0000-0001-6325-85
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