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Title: Дослідження сил, які діють на візок зі сторони кузова секції локомотива
Authors: Кузишин, Андрій Ярославович
Keywords: locomotive
locomotive body
transverse forces
vertical forces
traffic safety
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: RS Global S. z O.O., Warsaw, Poland
Citation: Кузишин, А. Я. Дослідження сил, які діють на візок зі сторони кузова секції локомотива // International Trends in Science and Technology : Proceedings of the VII International Scientific and Practical Conference, November 30, 2018, Warsaw, Poland. – Warsaw, Poland, 2018. – Vol.1 – P. 80–83.
Abstract: EN: Interaction of the track and rolling stock in the course of its operation is one of the most important problems of railway transport in Ukraine. The tasks solved in the study of the interaction the track and rolling stock contribute primarily to the solution of such an important issue as determining the conditions for the safe movement of trains. In this article, a study was conducted of the forces cting on the bogie from the side of the body section of the locomotive, which arise as a result of mutual movements and oscillations. The system of equations was obtained using the principles of the Hermann-Euler-D'Alembert and the principles of freeing a solid from bonds. When calculating the forces acting on the bogie from the body side of the locomotive section, the main attention was paid to the definition of: active forces, centrifugal inertia forces, moment of inertia forces from angular acceleration, transverse and vertical forces, which are transmitted to the body from the respective bogies. Therefore, the determination of dynamic forces is an important task, since it makes it possible to determine the lateral forces between the wheel and the rail. This feature will allow in the future to proceed to the definition of conditions for the safe movement of trains both at the design stage and during operation.
Description: А. Кузишин: ORCID 0000-0002-3012-5395
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