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Title: Technical Solutions for Working Elements of Machines for Efficient Compaction of Soil
Authors: Hlavatskyi, Kazymyr Ts.
Cherkudinov, Volodymyr E.
Posmitiukha, Oleksandr P.
Keywords: technical solutions
machines for efficient
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Український державний університет залізничного транспорту, Харків
Citation: Glavatsky, K. Ts. Technical solutions for working elements of machines for efficient compaction of soil [Electronic resource] / K. Ts. Glavatsky, V. E. Cherkudinov, O. P. Posmitiuha // MATEC Web of Conferences. – 2018. – Vol. 230 : 7th International Scientific Conference “Reliability and Durability of Railway Transport Engineering Structures and Buildings” (Transbud-2018), Kharkiv, Ukraine, November 14–16, 2018. – Access Mode: (04.01.2019). – doi:10.1051/matecconf/201823001006.
Abstract: EN: Abstract. The modernization of machines for compaction of soil on a modular basis has the following advantages: some of their structural elements (working equipment and working elements) can be performed as unified modular units, from which, depending on the technological requirements, it is possible to assemble the required configuration of the sealing machine; the initial state of the machine does not deteriorate, to which it is easy to return; the nomenclature of structural elements and machines in general decreases, as the machine can be completed with variable modules, which leads to an improvement in their quality. When consolidating the soil massive use static, dynamic and combined action on the soil in the form of rollers, vibro-and ramboards. Machines of the boottype are classified into light, medium and heavy, which determines the order of its application. It is obvious that the reduction of technology for the process of soil compaction is possible due to the creation of machines that can change the intensity of the impact on the soil in a wide range.
Description: K. Hlavatskyi: ORCID : 0000-0002-3353-2543, O. Posmitiukha: ORCID 0000-0002-9701-3873
Other Identifiers: doi:10.1051/matecconf/201823001006
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