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Title: Дослідження максимально допустимих швидкостей руху вагона дизель-поїзда ДПКР-2 у прямій ділянці колії
Other Titles: Исследование максимально допустимых скоростей движения вагона дизель-поезда ДПКР-2 в прямом участке пути
Authors: Кузишин, Андрій Ярославович
Костриця, Сергій Анатолійович
Батіг, Андрій Васильович
Keywords: diesel train
mathematical model
track irregularity
horizontal dynamics coefficient
safety factor against derailment of railway vehicles
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: RS Global , Польша
Citation: Кузишин, А. Я. Дослідження максимально допустимих швидкостей руху вагона дизель-поїзда ДПКР-2 у прямій ділянці колії / А. Я. Кузишин, С. А. Костриця, А. В. Батіг // Web of Scholar. – 2018. – № 5. – P. 31–36.
Abstract: EN: In this article, using the Maple18 computer environment, a previously developed spatial mathematical model of the motion of a diesel train DPKr-2 was analyzed. This model was used to study its motion in the straight section of the path. The results obtained by calculations of the mathematical model have allowed to establish the maximum permissible speeds of the train of the diesel train, depending on the deviations on the level and in the plan. In this paper, the research was conducted according to various criteria, the main of which are: the coefficient of horizontal, vertical dynamics, the coefficient of stability of the resistance of the wheel from the rail, the condition of the east according to European norms BS EN 14363: 2005. The practical significance of the research carried out is the possibility of using the obtained results to analyze the parameters of safety of motion at the stage of designing or admission to operation of new types of rolling stock on the railways of Ukraine, as well as when conducting the forensic railway transport expertises.
Description: С. Костриця: ORCID 0000-0002-7922-0975, А. Кузишин: ORCID 0000-0002-3012-5395
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